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MIDI CPU: Instant DIY MIDI Controller / MIDI Encoder

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  • Instant DIY MIDI Controller / MIDI Encoder
  • Music software MIDI controllers
  • Foot switch MIDI controllers
  • Organ console retrofits
  • Theatre sound software triggering


  • Fully assembled: simply attach your own control hardware
  • Accepts input from switches, switch matrices, potentiometers, rotary encoders, and digital & analog signals
  • Monitors up to 128 switches, 14 potentiometers, or 12 encoders
  • Allows mixed input types
  • Generates virtually any type of MIDI message
  • Sends a mixture of MIDI message types on a mixture of MIDI output channels
  • Supports matrixed indicator LEDs, 7-segment numerical displays, and bar graphs
  • Merges MIDI input with locally-generated messages—multiple units share a single MIDI Out port
  • Standard MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports
  • Measures 66mm × 38mm (2.6" × 1.5")
  • Powered via battery or DC supply between 3.3V and 12V
  • User-upgradable firmware

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